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Close Needle Spacing Probes

Jandel offers probes with close needle spacing (0.5 mm) in several models including the Cylindrical Probe, Six-Way Probe, Four-Pin Probe, and Cartridge with Lead. Probes built with 0.5mm tip spacing are available with spring loads of up to 100 grams.

This is a picture showing a comparison of Jandel’s closest spacing probe (0.500mm / 20 mil) and the widest standard spacing (1.591mm / 62.6 mil). The probes have tip radii of 40 microns (upper) and 150 microns (lower). Click on the photo to see an enlarged picture. You can see a chart of typical probe spacings.

  • The 0.500mm / 20 mil probe spacing is unique to Jandel Four Point Probe Heads
  • No comparable manufacturer produces a probe with such closely spaced probes


We Recommend

Cylindrical Probe Cylindrical Probe
Six-Way Probe Six-Way Probe
Four-Pin Probe Four-Pin Probe
Cartridge with Lead Cartridge with Lead


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