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FIVE Point Probe Heads

The five-point probes are displayed to demonstrate Jandel’s ability to manufacture this type of custom probe. Jandel manufactures each of these probes to a particular customer’s requirements and is not offering these probes as part of specific application solutions.
Jandel Five Point Probes

Five-Point “Thickness” Probe Five-Point “Typing” Probe

The 5th probe on the “thickness probe” acts merely as an extension of a mechanical or electronic comparator, and is used to measure wafer thicknesses of about 500 microns or more. The fifth probe on the “typing probe” is probably used to verify the polarity of the point contact diiode formed by it on the wafer. If AC is fed via the four point probes, the polarity of the rectified AC signal indicates the conductivity type.

Close up of 5 Point Probes
Close Up of 5 Point Probes

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Jandel manufactures the highest quality four-point probe heads available anywhere in the world and has models for all known types of four-point probing systems.

Jandel Four Point Probe Heads

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