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Jandel CYL-ResTest Four Point Probe System

Four Point Probing System for measuring sheet resistance or volume resistivity. This system includes the Jandel Cylindrical Probe along with the ResTest Test Unit.

About the Jandel ResTest Four Point Probe

  • Constant current source and meter for use in making the four point probe measurement.
  • Measurement range: 10 milliohms-ohms-per-square to 10^6 ohms-per-square
  • Displays either sheet resistance or volume resistivity.
  • Save data using:
    • PC connection
    • Up to 99 measurements can be stored internally, or
    • USB memory stick
  • Accommodates either linear or square array probes and 6 choices of probe tip spacings
  • Supports four measurements types:
    • Sheet Resistance – Primary measurement value is display in Ohms/Square
    • Wafer Resistivity – Primary measurement value is display in Ohms/Cm
    • Volume Resistivity – Primary measurement value is display in Ohms/Cm
    • Ohms Resistance – Primary measurement value is display in Ohm
  • Three available current ranges:
    • 0.5mA to 10mA
    • 10uA to 100uA
    • 1uA to 10uA
  • Includes PC interface software
  • Interfaces with Jandel four point probing units

About the Jandel Cylindrical Probe

The Jandel Cylindrical probe is built to a high level of mechanical accuracy as are all Jandel four point probe heads. Specifications for radii, spacing, planarity, and spring load are verified by calibrated instruments including a video inspection system, an optical interferometer, and an electronic force gauge. Each probe tip is guided by upper and lower jeweled needle guides. Additional information about probe quality can be found in the Jandel probe head application notes.

PROBE SPACING 25 to 50 mils (0.635mm to 1.27mm) in 5 mil (127 micron) increments, also 1.0mm and 1.59mm. 20
TOLERANCE +/-0.01 mm
ARRANGEMENT Linear or Square array
NEEDLES Solid Tungsten carbide Ø 0.40 mm (Ø 0.30 mm for close-spacing) 45 degree included angle, phosphor-bronze connecting ligament
OTHER MATERIALS 50% osmium alloy tips available
RADII 12.5 μm min. to 500 μm max. polished with 2 μm diamond
PLANARITY +/- 0.025 mm or better
LOADS Low: 10-30g, Medium: 30-60g
High: 60-150g
LEADS 4-way cable Teflon insulated
(screened on cylindrical)
ELECTRICAL LEAKAGE 1013 ohms resistance between needles at 500 volts

ResTest Four Point Probe Measurement Unit

ResTest Four Point Probe Measurement Unit

The ResTest is a combined constant current source and digital voltmeter, which has been designed specifically for use with a four point probe to produce resistivity and sheet resistance measurements. The unit supplies a constant current and can display resultant voltage sheet resistance and volume resistivity.

The ResTest has a large color display and it can read-out in either sheet resistance in the range from 10 milliohms-per-square up to 106 (1 million) ohms-per-square. The range is not as great as the RM3000, however, it is faster and has a larger color display.


Instruction manual (155K PDF file) for the Multiposition Wafer Probe Cylindrical Probe Brochure Online (484K PDF file)
Instruction manual (688K PDF file) for the RM3000 Test Unit Additional Information about probe quality (194K PDF file)
Information regarding the constructions and specifications of the Jandel Cylindrical Probe ResTest User Instruction Manual
ResTest Product Brochure


We Recommend

If you do not require as great a measurement range as the ResTest Unit provides, you might be interested in the:
CYL Four Point Probe combined with the HM21 Hand Held Meter.

The Jandel CYL Four Point Probe with RM3000 Test Unit features high accuracy, an excellent range, and many features which simplify the four point probing measurement: CYL Four Point Probe with RM3000 Test Unit.

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