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SRM-RM3000+ Four Point Probing System

The SRM probe is a lower cost plastic bodied probe that is suitable for use in measuring a wide range of materials including various conductive coatings, ITO on glass, silicon wafers, ingots, potscrap, conductive paints, and various thin films.

SRM Sheet Resistance Meter with Four Point Probe

The SRM-232 Sheet Resistance Meters are low-cost hand-held sheet resistance testing systems that include a meter and a four-point probe for use in measuring the sheet resistance of applied coatings such as conductive paints, EMI coatings, ITO on glass, etc.

HM21 Portable Four Point Probe Test Meter

The Jandel HM21 is a portable meter designed for use with a four point probe to make sheet resistance and/or volume resistivity measurements. The unit is battery powered, however, it also includes a universal AC power adapter so that it does not have to run on batteries when portability is not important.