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Jandel Automatic Four Point Probe Arm No Longer Available

The Jandel AFPP Automatic Four Point Probe Arm has been discontinued.

SRM Sheet Resistance Meter with Four Point Probe

The SRM-232 Sheet Resistance Meters are low-cost hand-held sheet resistance testing systems that include a meter and a four-point probe for use in measuring the sheet resistance of applied coatings such as conductive paints, EMI coatings, ITO on glass, etc.

RM3000+ Test Unit with PC Software

The RM3000+ Test Unit is a specialty electronics instruments designed specifically for the four point probe measurement. It features high accuracy, an excellent range, and many features which simplify the four point probing measurement.

HM21 Portable Four Point Probe Test Meter

The Jandel HM21 is a portable meter designed for use with a four point probe to make sheet resistance and/or volume resistivity measurements. The unit is battery powered, however, it also includes a universal AC power adapter so that it does not have to run on batteries when portability is not important.

Multi Height Microposition Probe

Ideal for probing a broad range of materials from small samples where high placement accuracy is required up to large materials, wafers, and ingots up to 10″ in diameter and 6″ in height.

Jandel Cylindrical Four Point Probe Head

The Cylindrical probe is the standard probe used in several OEM wafer mapping systems and it is ideal for building into custom engineered four point probe systems. It is available in a special Hi Vac version which has modifications for use in a vacuum chamber.