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Hand Applied Probe with ResTest Meter

The Hand Applied Probe combined with the ResTest Meter is a high quality four point probe measurement system which incorporates the Jandel Cylindrical probe head. The system can be used to measure a wide range of materials with varying shapes and sizes.

Multi Height Four-Point Probe Stand

The unit comprises a hard anodised aluminium alloy plate 8mm thick with a vertical column, on which is mounted a Jandel cylindrical probe with a raising and lowering mechanism.

Jandel Cylindrical Four Point Probe Head

The Cylindrical probe is the standard probe used in several OEM wafer mapping systems and it is ideal for building into custom engineered four point probe systems. It is available in a special Hi Vac version which has modifications for use in a vacuum chamber.

Close Needle Spacing Probes

Jandel offers probes with close needle spacing (0.5 mm) in several models including the Cylindrical Probe, Six-Way Probe, Four-Pin Probe, and Cartridge with Lead. Probes built with 0.5mm tip spacing are available with spring loads of up to 100 grams.