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Four Point Probe Nostalgia

The probe heads and equipment manufactured by Jandel have been selling worldwide since 1967. Jandel’s expertise in probe head manufacture incorporates more than 40 years of work in the watch and semiconductor industry and ten years spent working for A&M Fell in England during the 1950’s to mid ’60’s. The first commercially available four point probe head, the “Fell” probe, was designed by Jandel’s managing director, John Clark, and a colleague during that time.

This following photos show an example of a four point probe head which Jandel’s managing director designed and may have built during his 10 years working at A&M Fell.

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[143K PDF file] for the original “Fell” Probe Head

The UK based Fell probe head manufacturing facility was purchased outright by Kulicke and Soffa in the late 1960’s and now carries the K&S/Microswiss trade mark. Jandel Engineering was established in 1967. Jandel greatly improved the design and manufacturing of the original four point probe head and today produces the highest quality four point probe heads available anywhere in the world.

This is an example of an early four point probe stand manufactured by A&M Fell, produced in the time frame in which Jandel’s founder built and tested such systems as an employee of A&M Fell:

Click the image to see a larger photo Here is an example of an early four point probe stand manufactured shortly after K&S acquired A&M Fell:>

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The following is a 1970’s era pantograph style wafer resistivity mapping system that Jandel manufactured (no longer available) that was introduced before motorized resistivity wafer mapping systems were available.

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Jandel sells the Cartridge with Lead four point probe head as the correct replacement probe for the older Magne-Tron M700 and M800 which were equipped with the Probex or Parc Amber probe heads (Probex purchased and resold Parc Amber probes).

The following photo shows a load of non-Jandel probes heading for the dumpster. Jandel has withdrawn the offer of allowing 10 non-Jandel probes to be turned-in for one new Jandel probe, however, this was a popular practice at one time.

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If you have an “antique” four point probing system, please email a photo to me and I’ll be very happy to add it to our four point probe nostalgia page.

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