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Jandel CYL-HM21 Four Point Probe

The Jandel CYL-HM21 is a general purpose portable four point probing system for measuring sheet resistance or volume resistivity.

Jandel Light Shrouds

Light Shrouds for use with Jandel Engineering Four Point Probing Equipment. Jandel offers three types of light shrouds: the Small Shroud, the Large Shroud, and the Black Cloth Shroud.

Jandel ResTest Meter

The Jandel ResTest Meter is a specialty electronics instrument designed specifically for the four point probe measurement. It features high accuracy, an excellent range, and many features which simplify the four point probing measurement.

SRM Probe Head

The SRM Probe Head is a plastic bodied four point probe head which is applied by hand. The connection to the probe head from the SRM-232 electronics is via a female RJ45 connector which is the same type of connector used for Ethernet connections.

Jandel Four-Point Probe Heads

Jandel manufactures the highest quality four-point probe heads available anywhere in the world and has models for all known types of four-point probing systems.

Close Needle Spacing Probes

Jandel offers probes with close needle spacing (0.5 mm) in several models including the Cylindrical Probe, Six-Way Probe, Four-Pin Probe, and Cartridge with Lead. Probes built with 0.5mm tip spacing are available with spring loads of up to 100 grams.