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Compact Four Point Probe

JANDEL ENGINEERING LTD. manufactures the Compact probe to be compatible with Alessi and Veeco machines including the Veeco FPP-100 and FPP-5000. Also, GRQ Instruments and other systems that use the square bodied probe. It is 0.75″ x 0.625″ x 1.475″ high (19mm x 16mm x 37.5mm high) and weighs 18g.

Jandel Hi-Vac Cylindrical Four Point Probe Head

The JANDEL ENGINEERING LTD. Cylindrical four point probe is available in a special version for use in a high Vacuum environment. The Hi-Vac version of the Jandel cylindrical probe head has been successfully used in vacuum that was at 1 x 10^-10m bar. The application was described in the “Journal of Physics: Condens. Matter 3 […]